Kos Island Travel Notes… Let’s go to Kos Island!


where to go in Kos Island?

Kos Island travel notes

Kos Island Travel Notes- Places to visit in Kos Island- where to go in Kos Island

You can find the details about our visit to Kos Island. If you want to read more about that, you can read “How to go Kos Island?” and “Places to visit in Kos Island” articles.

It is so easy to arrive Kos Island from Turgutreis. When you get on the boat at 9.30 am, you can arrive at 10.00 am. We have decided to go Kos Island again since the transportation is so easy. We have once visited the Kos last year and It was the first time. This year, we have decided to go Kos Island and then reaching other islands by ferry. We were thinking about visiting Santorini and Mikonos. Then we have added Athens to our plans. We have made a detailed search on the internet about ferry services and we have found the information so easily. However, we couldn’t arrange the ferry times due to lack of time. So, We have decided to ditch Athens and the other islands to another trip.

where to go in Kos Island?

where to go in Kos Island?

Sunset in Kos Island

where to go in Kos Island?

Let’s start to travel to Kos Island. We have arrived Kos Island by 9.30 am ferry from Turgutreis on Wednesday.

Kos Island Travel Notes

Since we have visited the island before, we would go to back side and the villages of the island. There is two options to do that: going by bus and dying under the sun, and renting a car and visiting in a cheerful way. So, we have decided to rent a car, however finding a car was so difficult. When we have asked to agencies, they  have responded whether they are out of car or they are giving high unreasonable prices. We have also asked to an owner of a restaurant and he has called his friend to help us but it also didn’t work. So we have given up. We have dropped our luggage to Mrs.Fatma’s restaurant  that we went last year and we have satisfied about quality and we have decided to take a walk around city center and eating our meals in that restaurant and get on the Athens ferry that we have bought the tickets before. So, we would have a chance to get the recipe of delicious orange dessert.

Actually, the restaurant that I mentioned as Mrs. Fatma’s restaurant is  the Caravelle Restaurant that is praised by visitors. Mrs. Fatma has welcomed us very sincerely and has shown place for the suitcases. Then, we drunk our Turkish coffee. As you know they called this coffee as Greek coffee. It is so normal since two societies has lived together for ages. I have asked for the recipe. She served it after the meal last year. It was perfect in terms of its presentation and taste. I guess only difference between this dessert and my lovely grandmother’s orange jam is the presentation and the way of chopping oranges.

After the coffee, we have taken a walk through city center by making nice chit-chat. Then we decided to eat something in the restaurant that is owned by the guy who has tried to help us to rent a car. My father was thinking taht huge doner kebabs. It is the first restaurant when you turn the corner from the center that Defterdar İbrahim Paşa Mosque is located, through beach and it is named Aulogiros! If you go to Kos, you should definitely in this restaurant and say hi from me to Sarkiz who is the owner. It is hard to find a nice hosting, sincerity and tastes like this.

My father has ordered doner kebab that he desired so much and Uncle Raif ordered the chicken grill which is classical demand for him. Mr. Sarkiz brought a big appetizer plate and we have drunk uzo.( It is produced in Kos and it is one of the best uzo.) We have eaten our dessert as well.



Lots of treats, nice conversations… I guess we have been there for 4 hours and we have also met people who sat next to us.  They were eating so slowly and they seemed so pleased. They were eating from common plate while drinking their uzos. We will also eat slowly next time.

When we lived from Aulogiros, it was 16.30 pm. Next station was the restaurant of the Mrs. Fatma, Caravelle. We have given a promise to go there. We have arrived there by looking the shops around. We have found a nice liquor store.  It is just located at the city center, you should consider it when you be there. Moreover, we have eaten some snacks in the restaurant while drinking raki.


We started to our new trip to Athens by getting on the ferry at 19.45.

Kos Island Travel Notes

Kos Island Travel Notes

Kos Island Travel Notes

Kos Island Travel Notes

Kos Island Travel Notes

We have focused on foods in Kos Island this time. If you ask me  where you should visit in Kos, you can read my article that is named “Places to visit in Kos Island.”

See you.


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