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I heard that some people say it’s like cream, some of them say sweet and some of them say salty. Moreover I heard that it smells like onion or butter.

What is Durian?

It is not easy to explain what kind of fruit is Durian which is called king of the fruits? It is absolutely an unusual fruit that taste varies according to taste of what you ate before, even your lifestyle and what it makes you Durian.

You may like this fruit very much or you may definitely hate it.

And there is one absolute thing: Durian is a special and genuine fruit.

Then what is Durian?

Durian Bangkok

What is Durian?

Durian is a fruit which grows in Southeast Asia and which is popular especially in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines. Durian has hard shell and thorny surface with a soft and yellowish fruit inside.

Durian grows on trees. It is unbelievable. Some fruits of these trees are as big as watermelons. Let’s think about huge fruits which grow on trees. These trees are also huge with 20-50 meter height.


Durian fruits has different kinds. Although it is less probable, you have a chance to eat different kinds of durian.

It is not easy to eat!

Because it smells bad. It smells like garlic, onion and it smells like feet. However, it tastes good. Sweet and soft. Try not to smell and just taste it. It is not allowed to eat Durian indoor places since it smells bad. It is partly allowed in open areas. You can be punished if you eat it in mass transportation such as subway and bus. You should be careful when you eat Durian especially in the Singapore that have strict rules.

Some brief information about Durian:

  • You may like this fruit very much or you definitely hate it.
  • You cannot eat it in everywhere. It is not allowed most of the indoor places.
  • Durian is called as king of the fruits.
  • Durian may alter your blood pressure.

If you cannot eat Durian There are several ways to eat Durian

Durian Chocolate

It is a wonderful idea as a gift in Southeast Asia. It represent the region and it is a good option to taste Durian.

Durian Ice cream

Why not? It is a good option to taste a fruit. If you like the ice cream, you can eat the fruit more easily.

Durian Icecream

Chips with Durian Flavor

It is one of the original option. Good news is that it doesn’t smell so much since it becomes the chips.

One last advice about Durian

You can understand the taste of Durian by looking is it soft or not. If it is hard, it is less tasty. If it is soft then it has a sharp taste. If you eat it as a first time I suggest you to eat the hard one. However if you’ve eaten it before and you liked it you should try to soft one.

Don’t forget to taste Durian during your trip.

See you.

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