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Street foods of Bangkok…

When you ask “What should I do in Bangkok?” to people who have been in Bangkok, the first or the second thing that comes to their mind is “Eat street foods in Bangkok a lot”. Even they say “eat for me as well.” Street foods of Bangkok are so delicious. Believe me, even while writing this article I miss those foods. Those foods are either delicious or inexpensive. For instance, grilled octopus costs almost $2, and noodle soup costs $1.5, pomegranate juice costs just $1, etc.

Bangkok Street Foods

Bangkok Street Foods




What a lovely circumstance. Let’s think like that: small size trolley with oven on it and people are cooking what they grows on their garden or the ingredients that they bought from bazaar. The sellers who cooks and makes chit chat with the customers…

I remember my first step into Bangkok. After reaching to hotel from the airport and put our stuff we went out. After few steps, street vendors have appeared. I cannot find proper words to describe that surprise, excitement and the happiness that I felt. I was happy like a child. I was looking around with these feelings. Oh god! Why didn’t I come here before?

Of course you are curious now…

What can be eaten in Bangkok streets? Where can we find the best street foods in Bangkok?

First of all, trust your instincts. Don’t afraid to eat if you trust to smell and the appearance of the food. That foods are cooked in front of the customers. Don’t hesitate to taste the food that seems nice.

Try to eat in places that local people prefer to eat. Thai people knows where to eat. :)

The best food in Bangkok can be found in China Town of Bangkok, in one of the most active street of the Bangkok which is called Khao San Road and in the places at the Sukhumvit Soi 23- 24 regions.

What are the street foods of Bangkok? When we travel around Bangkok…

  • Drink lots of fruit juices and eat fruit a lot

Pomegranate, orange, and drink other kinds of fruit juice. Taste the tropic fruits. Oh god! What a tasty things! Don’t miss that chance.

Buy a huge coconut for yourself. Street vendor will open a square on the surface of the coconut with his huge knife. His mission completed when he gave a drinking straw and a spoon. It doesn’t finish easily. Inside of the coconut is so fresh and so white. Wonderful! It only cost $1.2

Bangkok Street Foods

  • Don’t miss the seafood

There is everything you can imagine! Octopus, clam and huge shrimps… So delicious. They grill the octopus on the wood fire. I can figure out everything but I couldn’t understand how the octopus can be juicy like that. I guess it is about the difference of the ocean. :)



Bangkok Street Foods

  • Taste the Thai foods.

There are so many kinds of Thai food. I couldn’t eat so much since I usually preferred fruit and fish but the taste of the Thai foods was nice as I see (If you are good with the spices). Especially, I advise you to go to China Town. China Town is a very crowded place with so many local people and fresh foods.

Bangkok Street Foods

Bangkok Street Foods

  • Eat banana pancake

Try to taste it if you can find. They make a food like pancake with very thin dough. It is cooked on a metal plate. He is immediately slicing a banana in a minute and putting it in pancake. Then he fries the pancake with butter. After putting it to plate to serve, he spills white chocolate sauce. I ate pancake in the evening on the Khao San Road. Maybe you can find those pancakes at the same place.

Bon appetit! If you go there, eat for me as well.

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