A Luxury Vacation in Vienna




What do you think about a luxury vacation in Vienna? I have a few suggestions to spoil yourself and to feel special: Staying at five-star hotel, having a dinner in a Michelin starred restaurant, an amazing  concert of Vienna philharmonic orchestra at Golden Hall, private museum tours or spa therapy which Vienna is famous for it.

A Luxury Vacation in Vienna

First Step: Luxury Boutique Hotels

Luxury boutique hotels of Vienna can be your first choice due to modern design of them and comfort and quality that they are offered. The first boutique hotel that comes to my mind is Hotel Altstadt. This is the most native one. You can stay at the room which is designed by Lena Hoschek who is the famous designer of the “Dirndl” that is Austrians’ traditional clothes.



Hotel Topazz is newer one. The exterior face of a building looks like a jewellery box and it is a good option with Art Nouveau style of architecture.


Hotel Hollmann Beletage may be another alternative with large comfortable rooms and restaurant which is located at Baroque style yard. It is better to choose this hotel for long-term vacations(more than one month)

Private Museum Tours for You: Modern Arts Museum& Imperial Palace  

You can join private museum tours in Vienna. “Less is more” Choose your favorite collection or exhibition so that your guide can introduce Renaissance, Baroque paintings, antique jewellery and the other stuff. Private tours take 1-2 hours. You can also join private tours in Imperial (Hofburg) Palace. It must be enjoyable to know about Queen Sisi who the Viennese admire. Private tours in  this palace takes 1 hour-long.

Lunch: Michelin Best Value Restaurant: Steirereck, Meierei im Stadtpark


A Luxury Vacation in Vienna

Luxury Shopping in Vienna

It is quite peaceful restaurant in Vienna City Park. It is a boutique restaurant which has Austrian cuisine and various cheese. You should read Steirereck article for more detailed information. Believe me you won’t be regretful. If you want more luxury, you can prefer upstairs of Meierei. This part is more dignified and more elegant… Steiereck im Stadtpark. This is two starred Michelin restaurant.

You can find internationally well known brands at the famous Graben and Kohlmarkt streets in Old Town of Vienna. Prada, Armani, new opened Louis Vuitton store (the largest store after than Paris ). Burberrys and lots of others.

vienna things to do

You can enjoy the shopping since the area is closed to traffic jam. Don’t neglect to eat famous Sacher Torte and drink nice melange in the Sacher Hotel when you get tired.

Chocolate Therapy:

You can get relaxed with chocolate therapy in the Sacher Hotel which is located next to Vienna Opera. Special chocolate masks, massages of it, aromatherapy… All of them wait you. Sacher’s Time to Chocolate® products which are sold in here consist of antioxidant cocoa seeds and butter.


Musical Enjoyment:

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and Vienna Opera are quite popular among visitors of the city. Both of them are the best one in the world. However, it is hard to get tickets for them.Especially for the Golden Hall. There are some people who has been waiting for years for Golden Hall. New Year Concert is given in this hall. However, maybe you are the lucky one. You can apply online between January 2-23. As a result of the draw, you can be the lucky one. After that, you have to take your ticket until March. As you see, you should arrange your ticket 1 year earlier and you should be the lucky one. I suggest you to buy your ticket immediately for Vienna Opera via internet. It is easy to make reservation:  http://www.wiener-staatsoper.at/Content.Node/home/Startseite-Content.en.php

A Luxury Vacation in Vienna


Silvio Nickol’s Gourmet Restaurant_Dinner

You can go to Silvio Nickol’s gourmet restaurant at the Coburg Palace. I’m sure that you will enjoy your meal. Plates are look like paintings. You can watch the process when you wait your plate. Moreover, restaurant has various wine options in the menu.

A Luxury Vacation in Vienna

I think these suggestions are beneficial if you want to make a luxury vacation.  See you, Supernicevisit

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